Apple Acquired AI Video Compression Startup

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Apple has acquired a startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) video compression. The startup, called Vilynx, uses machine learning to compress and optimize large video files, making them easier to store and stream. This acquisition will help Apple improve its video services, including TV+, and make it easier for users to stream high-quality content on their devices.

What is Vilynx?

Vilynx is a startup company founded in 2011 and based in Barcelona, Spain. The company uses AI to analyze video content and automatically generate metadata, making it easier to search and discover video files. Vilynx’s technology also compresses and optimizes video files, reducing their size without sacrificing quality.

How Will Apple Benefit from this Acquisition?

Apple’s acquisition of Vilynx will enable the company to improve its video services, including TV+, by making it easier to compress and stream video content. Vilynx’s technology could help Apple reduce the size of video files while maintaining their quality, making it easier for users to download and view videos on their devices. The acquisition could also help Apple improve its search and discovery features, making it easier for users to find the content they want to watch.


Apple’s acquisition of Vilynx is a significant move towards improving its video services, and it highlights the importance of AI in the video industry. With Vilynx’s technology, Apple could offer a more seamless and streamlined video experience for its users, making it easier for them to access and enjoy high-quality content. As Apple continues to invest in AI, we can expect to see more innovations in the video space, resulting in an even better user experience.

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