Microsoft Word 2007-2019 General Learners’ Edition



Prepare and print documents efficiently in any of Ms. Word versions on the fly.

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People want an easy way of getting things done, rather than spending so much, going all around it and arriving at the point at last. This e-Book is mostly focused on Practical, from performing simple tasks to complex ones. Its graphical illustrations make it very easy for anyone to learn with speed.


By default, this e-Book was tested to achieve same purpose and goal on the following versions of Microsoft Word: 2007, 2013, 2016, and 2019, to earn the name “General Learner’s Edition”.

With this e-Book, you are sure to prepare and print documents efficiently in any of these versions of Ms. Word on the fly.
The purpose of this e-Book is to serve as a General Learning Tool for the above-named versions, in helping you prepare most office related documents.

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